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Have you tried the Silvermine River Walk?

Most people who know or follow me on Insta, are aware that most of my Sundays (sometimes Saturdays) are spent in Silvermine Nature Reserve, which is part of the Sanparks Table Mountain National Park.

Where is Silvermine Nature Reserve?

If you are travelling on the M3 towards Muizenberg, you turn right at the end of the road to take Ou Kaapse Weg on the way to Noordhoek. As you ascend the incline, the road will take a sharp right and Silvermine Nature Reserve Gate 1 is on the right hand side. If you are somewhat puzzled by my directions, just Google Maps it!

How much does it cost?

There is an entrance fee of R35 per adult and R15 per child. If you have a four-legged, furry friend, they charge R70 for the dog and an accompanying adult. Waleed and I used to pay these fees weekly, until we got a couples' Wildcard (which provides unlimited entries into any of the parks or reserves) and a My Activity Permit for Kygo (this allows him into certain parks, reserves and beaches). For more on the Sanparks Activity Permits click here.

What can you do in Silvermine?

Once you’ve paid, you can make your way along the road to the main parking area. There are a number of hiking trails that you can do including the Elephant’s Eye Trail and the Noordhoek Peak Circuit. There are a myriad other trails that sprout off the major ones and if you are feeling adventurous and have the time, you can go exploring for as long as you like. There is a reservoir, where people tend to train for open water swims (for triathlons) or when it is hot to just cool down. There are braai facilities with picnic spots. The braaing season is limited during the year because of the potential for fires.

What is the Silvermine River Walk like?

Today we completed the Silvermine River Walk. We parked on the road and walked down the gravel road (to your left) just before the bathrooms. You will see a sign that marks the start of the trail. Part of the trail is made up of a wooden boardwalk and then there is some gravel. The majority of the trail is quite exposed to the sun so take a hat and lather on some sunscreen before you head out. We also usually take lots of water, some snacks or breakfast. This trail is moderately easy so you don’t have to be super fit. I walked it with my parents two weeks ago and they are both in their early 60s.

The board says it takes an hour but we took about 45 minutes one way, which included some water breaks for the humans and numerous dips for Kygo to cool down (he is a Rottweiler after all)! We passed a lovely waterfall and part of the trail requires you to climb down some rocks but it is not treacherous. On this hike it was Waleed, myself and Kygo. Preferably you should do it in a group but Silvermine tends to be quite busy on weekends. 

The views are breathtaking

Always time for a treat

Kygo is a total water baby

It's difficult to get us both to smile...

Looks like a tropical oasis

Posing at the waterfall

Waleed and Kygo (besties)

Just sitting pretty

Because you are walking along the river it is quite cool and you can hear the water flowing, which is quite relaxing. There are some lovely shaded areas for breaks. The trail wasn’t very busy but as the days get warmer the Reserve will become more popular.

The foliage (which is mostly fynbos) is green and lush, with lots of purple and yellow flowers. I spotted some pincushion proteas which were at the end of their lifecycle.

When we got to the end of the trail there was a lovely watering hole and Kygo took another dip. There is a private picnic and braai area which you can reserve for events. We also had a bit of a break before making our trek back up the trail. The roundtrip was five kilometers which took us 90 minutes.
Splish splash!

Cooling down...

The private braai area you can reserve for events

It was a lovely walk,despite it being quite windy today, the trail is fairly protected. I absolutely love being outdoors in nature and exploring different trails, catching my breath and seeking solace from an often frenetic week gone by.

Have you been to Silvermine? Which trail is your favourite? I'd appreciate a comment, like or follow.

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